House of Fashion

The former waterfront silo tower will offer, after its transformation, 2000 m2 of retail space for fashion, with a shared lobby and waterfront cafe on the ground floor. The building offers two tall atriums, one dedicated to fashion. Smaller vendors are organised around these two elegant showrooms. The floors inbetween these atriums offer spaces for shops of intermediate size.

The tower is crowned with a fine restaurant of around 150 seats with panoramic views over the city. The kitchen of the restaurant also serves a separate function room for private dinners and events. A skybridge high above the Harbour connects the restaurant with the rest of the complex. The restaurant caters for hotel guests and professionals working in the complex. Visitors from outside access the rooftop restaurant directly via a special elevator on street level.

Harbour Café, behind the lobby on Ground Floor.

House of Fashion, Studio overlooking the Canal on the 5th floor.

House of Fashion, Atelier in the existing silo structure.

House of Fashion, one of the double height event and show spaces, cut into the silo structures.