Meelfabriek Fitness and Spa, Meelfabriek Café and Restaurant

A 4100m2 Fitness and Spa is spread over 6 floors within an existing “forest” of industrial concrete columns and slabs of the former Meelmagazijn. This atmosphere is continued onto new rooftop pools and fitness floors, providing new spaces to exercise and relax with views onto the Leiden.

The 350m2 Meelfabriek Café at street level and the 690m2 Meelfabriek Restaurant on the first floor of the former Meelmagazijn address both the canal and the Meelfabriek Square. Covered access to nearby underground parking facilities is provided for the whole building.

West corner of the Meelfabriek Fitness & Spa, with the Meelfabriek Café on Meelfabriek Square.

The Meelfabriek Restaurant on the first floor of the former Meelmagazijn.

Meelfabriek Fitness & Spa, fitness floor.

Meelfabriek Fitness & Spa, new floor for exercise classes, visitors dance, stretch and play under the new skypools.

Meelfabriek Fitness & Spa, top floor with skypools overlooking the city.